The following downloads are available from the website of the Difficult Airway Society. To download Right click on the link and choose 'save target as..' onto your computer.

The following 4 documents are pdf files and represent a Society consensus view on management of;

Default strategy for intubation including failed direct laryngoscopy (112 KB)

Failed rapid sequence induction (54 KB)

Failed intubation, failed ventilation (101 KB)

Simple composite Chart (106 KB)

Reproduced from Henderson JJ, Popat MT, Latto IP, Pearce AC. Difficult Airway Society guidelines for management of the unanticipated difficult intubation. Anaesthesia 2004; 59: 675-94, with permission from Blackwell publishing Ltd  

Difficult Airway Society Guidelines for the management of tracheal extubation

 DAS Extubation Guidelines : Basic Algorithm

 DAS Extubation Guidelines  : Low risk algorithm

 DAS Extubation Guidelines : 'At risk' algorithm

Difficult Airway Society Guidelines for managing Paediatric Difficult Airway

Paediatric Difficult Airway

Other guidelines: 

Fibreoptic guided tracheal intubation through SAD using Aintree intubation catheter

David Ball and co-workers have kindly agreed that their Airway Alert form can be downloaded and adapted by departments.

Airway Alert Form